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  1. J Sec

    12:01 “Un petit f*ck up” lmaoooo!

  2. Izzy

    With the photoshop one the after scares me

  3. Tanaporn Rajatanavin

    The moment you realized that Cristine has long been a quarantined sock before you are during the pandemic.

  4. Tabby Animations

    2000 bottles of polish on the wall one bottle of polish, take one down pass it around, 1999 bottles of polish on the wall

  5. PinkyPurpleGalaxy

    this is peak comedy

  6. Chelsey Cunningham

    Oh cool, My birthday’s 3 days after Beyynnn’s!

  7. Маленький Крокодильчик

    9:46 i think thats the point of anime:(

  8. marie-kim touchette

    Je suis française ! Je viens du Québec (Canada) ! Tu as bien réussi à parler la langue.

  9. ana caroline braga

    you should DEFINITELY launch every new colors you got, they all look amazing

  10. Kaybee

    I know this is an old vid but gosh Cristine not understanding is such a missed opportunity Like Cristine, you're not covering the chocolate with a holo layer, you're making THE CHOCOLATE ITSELF HOLO You're creating tiny lines in the chocolate that the light bounces off. Not a layer of paper or plastic, the actual chocolate! I imagine it like a music record, how it has those lines in it. This is like if you used a record as a chocolate mold. You wouldn't leave any of the vinyl record on it, but the chocolate would still get all those etched lines. It's like that but the lines are so tiny and dense that they actually refract light. It is REALLY COOL

  11. nakamoto yuta luv bot

    8:35 "always wear nail polish" Me being a Muslim: *nervous chuckle*

  12. Lillian Koester

    2:12 I am disgraced to share a name with her

  13. Jazmin And Jessicat owo

    He is busy with taxes hahahahaha

  14. abigail albertson

    Can you pls post more

  15. •GamerPinkRose •

    Christine using her kitchen for the fist time

  16. Victoria Bitong

    Finally, a youtuber that says grade X and not Xth grade

  17. Genesis Mann

    The coffee was the best part of this video 🤣 thank you Ben 🤣

  18. Fᴇᴜᴇʀʙʟᴜᴛ [RAGEMODE]

    I hope you reported this to the FDA?!

  19. Sugarplum Queen

    When Ben blew the bubbles off of her nails.... couple goals 🤣

  20. Zoe Hewson

    why can i understand you more then any french listening assignment i did at school

  21. Demetrius T.

    my nails are transparent, should i be concerned by that? EDIT: i made this comment while watching, so i use nail hardeners exactly because my nails are weak, im gonna begin to apply oil in my nails from now on

  22. PinkyPurpleGalaxy

    "stop them!" haha

  23. •Senpai Sweetheart•

    Wait holo it was nice to see you polish... I’m not funny 🤣

  24. Victoria Bitong

    This is me and my books.

  25. a l i c e r u

    Is it odd that I got startled a bit bc her OTHER HAAAND's nails are not even slightly yellow? lol

  26. Beckie

    Can you please do this again for gel polish? 😭 I'm getting had out here with these really bad gel polishes!

  27. Brianna Heberle

    Do this again with all of your nail polish line sets! So like the holodays, rainbow, etc!

  28. Tess Palmer

    Fyi Allure is still an excellent magazine

  29. Gabriella Germanotta

    wait wait who says eczema like that ??I have never ever heard it pronounced like that whhatttt

  30. Nicholas Bruno

    Please please please please do a reaction video to this video kgup.info/get/g6ZnomKwc5aqjmY/video

  31. The-Sword-and-the-Staff

    I bought my first Holo Taco nail polish. I had to get a holo flacky top coat. I'm so excited to get it in the mail! Fuck yes.

  32. Lucci gang

    0:06 exuse me wut

  33. _Moon Moon_

    The black polish I usually use is Pure Ice’s “black rage”

  34. Lois Ma

    U should do one of these using only ur favorite polishes p.s. don’t use all of the nail polish in each bottle

  35. J E

    In the beginning she did the bi flag colors

  36. I'M GoneWithTheWind! FABULOUS!!


  37. Somba Katsuki Kawaii

    Starts at: 11 am 6 minutes in: 7 pm 8 minutes in 12 Am

  38. Mae West

    i would just like to say that ben has been her boyfriend for over 5 years and has yet to move any further and no hate but ben let’s get that marriage thing going okur

  39. alexisis22

    Je viens du Québec, donc le français est ma langue maternelle 😊

  40. Kharli Brooks-Mayeux

    Omg I hate when that happens. Not saying it happens every dayy

  41. Gacha gamer

    I was born in 2010

  42. molly

    i’m bi and i never found the holosexual thing offensive but the coming out part kinda feels like mocking what lgbtq people have to do

  43. Lemon - ly

    I refuse to believe that it's been four years

    1. sun flowers

      I agree 😅

  44. Barbie Twinmom

    Did she ever find out the answer? Just now seeing this

  45. Ngọc Diệp Trần

    Is this a guide to unicorn?

  46. Ellie O'Neil

    Why has she never made an actual holo taco....🌮

  47. XxJune Bakker

    Girl you the only one Who understands me everyone else’s has such short nails and I have no idea why makes no sense!

  48. Anne-Marie Dubeau

    Bonjour de Québec!

  49. Christina M. G.

    bruh she basically pushed me off

  50. Anna Hebting

    Thank you I’m french fluent in English and both of you remind me my Erasmus and mates trying to speak french. ❤️ I’m LITERALLY laughing out loud, particularly the conjugations of Ben. ❤️

  51. Kawaii Panda - Gacha Life

    BITCH I have that gibi video on my watch later list lol but what a coincidence

  52. DD_zero Playz

    The cat was wrong

  53. Josette Fret

    Aren't you usually supposed to add coconut oil or butter to chocolate when you temper it?

  54. sofia cao

    The intro what the f##k 😂

  55. belsinhaeu

    I don't even paint my nails... But I'm subscribed to this channel, this is so confused.

  56. Leah Jonasson

    Pls paint your nails with tea

  57. It's Me Emily

    I love her so g

    1. It's Me Emily

      Sorry song

  58. Kara French

    if u Canadian and watching this video make sure to like video #canadian


    SIMP : Squirrels In My Pants

  60. DeviAwesome

    And sparkly's Love that

  61. Mariana Mojica


  62. Elena the Rat


  63. Ines Abdelkefi

    I'm french :D

  64. Sheli Keyes

    LMAO about the mask matching! Ooooo that pink I wasn't supposed to see!!😉😉

  65. Disty Atkinson

    2 years from now re-organising my 3000+ holo tacos 🌮

  66. Ashley Weaver

    But when are we getting holo taco vinyls?

  67. Lilly Vasquez


  68. Lilly Vasquez


  69. Delyla Lee

    My mom is a hairdresser so she cuts my hair FOR FREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Lilly Vasquez


  71. Lilly Vasquez


  72. Lilly Vasquez


  73. OriplaysU.U

    I have had mine for for a year now lol

  74. Wendy Peacock

    ‘Secret holo taco polishes for the next year’ Cristine: I’ll show them in a video 😂

  75. Isabella Schmidt

    i am 11

  76. jada g

    oh hey inversion therapy !! i have a bad back too (and i’m 16 T-T) decompression feels so good dude. especially when your spine crushes itself :)

  77. Trisha Helmer

    I think Halo is Christine's cocaine. XD.

  78. jada g

    what the- how have i not seen these videos in my feed. what the fuuuuuuu

  79. Ysaure Fally

    Hey guys! I’m from Belgium so I speak french and you seriously killed me🤣 no worries in my opinion you didn’t offended french people ! we like to hear strangers this is so cute Btw your level is not so bad 😘