Trying 2021 Nail Art Trends

Simply Nailogical

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    1. Ana Aranha

      Simply can you make a video about how to do mandalas nails.

    2. Tiffany Yeadon

      My four year old: Wow she has a lot of nail polish on those things. Why does she have so much? Does she got a lot of hands?

    3. Hirai Tokyo

      I see her a bit tired or sad. Hope everything is okay

    4. ciipus

      Do a 24h video of drinking tee

    5. Little Bear Games

      Pro tip: for fake nails that you wanna pop off but stay stable at the same time with no damage to your nail, all you gotta do is put a layer of liquid latex (twinkle t is the one i used) then put the glue on the latex when its dry. I am a nub club resident so i use this all the time if i want to do nail art.

    6. Hannah René

      My nails are literally paper think theirs no way I could grow them out if I tried

    7. _Vìôlêt _

      SIMP LY

    8. Jacqueline Se

      That silver holo🤩cant wait to get it

    9. Ocean McKillop

      her: writes simply my dyslexic self: oh it says simp

    10. crp07 wild life, art and photography

      I do a bit of calligraphy and it's fancy medevil looking writing

    11. Edwina Neña Marie Donoso

      i haven't seen your videos for awhile :

    12. Shaila Shams

      Wow umm painting ur nails different colors I started doin that 3yrs ago I'm way ahead of the trend 🔥🔥📈

    13. Devasri Chippada

      She used to curse so much in her old videos

    14. Kelsey Jenifer

      S I M P

    15. Sierra Lance

      I stopped biting them queen cristine

    16. kolim jone

      The fact that Cristine’s hair is in a ponytail and still almost at hip length blows my mind

    17. Addison Rodriguez

      Go to the link and you will see a picture of what I’m hoping is your dream car because it is Beautiful hint it may or may not be a holo car

    18. Princess Aries

      I had eczema my whole life :> I never had my nails done, all I do to then is eat them.....

      1. kolim jone

        ‘Secret holo taco polishes for the next year’ Cristine: I’ll show them in a video 😂

    19. Dina S

      I'm older than Cristine and enjoy watching especially for the simplymomlogical and simplydadlogical parts of simplypodlogical. I enjoy how down to earth and practical she/they are and how many actually useful tidbits are mixed in with the rest. The world needs to hear this more often.

    20. Emilia Tinglöf

      Lol when you said that I should not bite my nails I felt like you spoke to me😂

    21. nakamoto yuta luv bot

      8:35 "always wear nail polish" Me being a Muslim: *nervous chuckle*

    22. PinkyPurpleGalaxy

      "stop them!" haha

    23. Tess Palmer

      Fyi Allure is still an excellent magazine

    24. Gabriella Germanotta

      wait wait who says eczema like that ??I have never ever heard it pronounced like that whhatttt

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      Please please please please do a reaction video to this video

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      i would just like to say that ben has been her boyfriend for over 5 years and has yet to move any further and no hate but ben let’s get that marriage thing going okur

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      Pls paint your nails with tea


      SIMP : Squirrels In My Pants

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      LMAO about the mask matching! Ooooo that pink I wasn't supposed to see!!😉😉

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      But when are we getting holo taco vinyls?

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      ‘Secret holo taco polishes for the next year’ Cristine: I’ll show them in a video 😂

    35. Crafty Girl

      You should go to a store and buy and review all the holo you see. Please do this it would make me so happy to see you use my idea.

    36. Hope Lee

      Cristine is the og simp

    37. Chaotic Qween

      I dunno why but I feel like bangs would look really good on her. But I dont think she's ready for that commitment lol

    38. Sara Moha-

      Hey love your videos and I just got an idea you know that bag of your peel of nails in the bag why don’t you pick 3 random and do a new look with the 3 nails you picked I don’t know if you did this but if not we’ll here’s a video idea lol 😂 btw love you 🤍

    39. Abigail Rasnic

      uhh ya i DO calligraphy so ya i know wut it is

    40. goldfish1871

      ooooooooooh i wonder if these pastel creams are easter themed colors?!?!?!?!

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      Christine: *does SIMP nails* Me: where do I get dis Also Christine: simp for simply Me: oh...

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    43. jocelyn and the hermies me and em

      My dad does notlet me paint my nails and im already 10 he says i can paint my nails untill im 15 and 16 to put press onn and 17 to put acrillics

    44. Milena Domingues

      8:34 I mean now your asking for to much

    45. art_addict

      When your nails are too short to do any nail polish designs🙃

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      since you are the queen of nail polish where can we get velvet nail polish !!!!

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      Mask matching lol my nails would just be black all the time... so highschool

    55. Beautiful Mess

      Imagine being able to grow ur nails couldn't be me (I'm in ROTC and it's against regulation to have nails past the tip of our fingers or painted, it pains me)

    56. Cheyenne

      I'd love to grow my nails out but I work in a metal factory as an mechatronic, doesn't work that well tbh :c

    57. Ambikaa Gorur

      I love how we already found trends XD

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      "The burnt, warm colors are like every beauty guru's eye shadow" yes! why do they all want their eyes to look like 70's wallpaper or like they have an eye infection?

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      Love watching your videos.

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      Loved the ‘minimal’/half naked nails she did!!!

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      Yes I do now my handwriting is got loads of loops in it lol

    62. Sienna Mariz D. Fernandez

      Hi uhmmm can u give me a tip on how to have a little bit thick nails beacuse my nauls are so thin and always broke

    63. daypaige2020

      I swear she puts on like 20 coats and her nails dry and I put on one and my nails are tacky forever 🤦‍♀️

    64. Cloud Time 87

      When you watching Christine paint her nails and your nails aren’t painted “I’m gonna paint my nails”

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      "We got simp for simply!" Yeah my mind totally said simply and totally not 'simp' straight up...

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      you are my escape babe

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      Came here like 4 years later and uhm,,,, WHY IS BEN STILL BOYFRIEND NOT HUSBAND???

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      There needs to be a Holo Taco 'Pandemic' collection! 😂 Like surgical mask blue, covid spore red, toilet roll white, isolation indigo... then other names with different colours like 'keep your distance' 'wash your hands' etc 😷🧻☣️

    69. Natalia Mietla

      Cristine is a SIMP, confirmed on her caligraphy nails, well without a thumb 😂

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      2:37 "we are doing nail art in 2021.." didn't you just say that you did this in the Christmas break, of 2020? xD haha

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      I really really really love the way you edited this video I like seeing you in the corner of the screen doing your voiceovers for the video!!?? Also you're absolutely amazing

    76. RockinTROUBLE4U720

      I dont mind the spoilers🤗then I have an idea of what to look out for if I want to buy or not good news the 3 I saw I want even though Im not a fan of pink😁❤❤❤❤❤⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    77. bcvbb hyui

      The fact that Cristine’s hair is in a ponytail and still almost at hip length blows my mind

    78. Taylor Jade

      Am I the only one really liking her mask nails? 😅😍

    79. Kate Powell

      I can truly never have long nails because of my lifestyle. I'm not a biter, but my hobbies require significant manual labor and if my nails get even "short nail" long, they inevitably break. But I have found a way to wear cute super short nails: Holo Taco Solar Unicorn topper. I wear it by itself. It's noticeable enough to be fun on its own and because it's sheer, when I inevitably fuck up my nails, it still looks decent. (Trend alert???) Sadly, one morning about a month ago, my bottle plummeted from my stupid medicine cabinet which is literally right over the toilet, INTO THE TOILET, and SHATTERED INSIDE THE TOILET. I had to reach my hand into the bowl and scoop out the broken bottle and holo goo because I didn't want any sewer alligators to get cut on the glass :( Today I finally got around to re-ordering my favorite topper/polish. Soon I will be able to be my most glamorous half-assed messy self again. Thank goodness.

    80. Jerri-Lynn Matson

      im doing my nails with my cousin and I rubbed my pinky and I go "ah!! I fawcked it up"

      1. bcvbb hyui

        😷💅 stay safe Cristine

    81. McKenzie Rasmussen

      Lol when you can’t grow out your nails because they always break because you work in health care and are ALWAYS washing your hands

    82. •KinkyMiku•

      It’s been 5 years since I last seen her videos,I just randomly saw her in my recommendation this brings back memories.

    83. Samara hoisington

      I'm watching this in boisie idaho but I live in Spokane Washington and painted my nails with a turquoise than used one of your holo tocos

    84. Angel Willy

      Not biting my nails (minus some random times) but I do just accidentally throw my hands into stuff and break my nails, so they're rarely perfect

    85. The peeps Show

      Have you tried Boba tea just curious my mom loves it but I don’t get it yeah it’s just a it’s OK but try it if you ever come back to the US by the way I am I would love to send you a package but I am probably know that you won’t get to

    86. Cheryl Rivers

      Me: goes to nail salon Me: gets pedicure Lady giving me pedicure: what you want Me: HoLo!💿

    87. olidolly

      Cristine isn't as fun to watch ever since she began her brand. I love her, and I support her, but her content isn't as entertaining when it seems like I'm watching one big advertisement for holo taco. I get why she does it, she needs to get her brand out there, it just isn't fun.

      1. Madeline Ayianna

        I’m low key glad someone else feels the same way

    88. Kora

      Cristine, i love you so much. I have 7 cats, i love holo, and i'v watched every single video of yours💕

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      "2021 is the year to grow out your nails, just do it!" Cristine. I'm gay. I can't grow out my nails. Don't remind me 😭

    90. Dani

      Loving the podcast episodes btw!! Keep it up! I love the Reddit ones, super interesting to hear you and Ben discuss the stories :))

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      That don’t be an asshole really got me Bryce hall

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      2. Madeline Ayianna

        It’s going good too

      3. caragh

        @Madeline Ayianna going good 😌 and u

      4. Madeline Ayianna

        @caragh how’s life

      5. caragh

        @Madeline Ayianna hello

    93. Killer Queen

      I just really like how acrylics look and feel tho don't hate me Xtine

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      I hate that vegan theacher

      1. Madeline Ayianna

        Same and I’m vegan

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