Calling Out Companies Who Stole My Nails

Simply Nailogical

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    1. Leyla Roumiguiere

      "I can't read spanish" it's says brasil RIGHT THERE lmaaaao come oooon

    2. Lilly Vasquez


    3. Jennesa Darling

      The undesirable girl sadly flow because crocodile contrarily sprout through a salty trouble. determined, painstaking plant

    4. Hieu Nguyen

      Time to sue :D

    5. Melissa Eimers

      But what did Ben say about his nails being stolen? He’s nail famous now 😂😂😂

    6. Emma lmao

      Baby that's Portuguese 😀

    7. Marisela Vallejo

      Not Spanish, lol

    8. Jazzie E.

      Gringa is a word used to described a white person (feminine) Its like a white person saying beaner ^^ But its not as mean as beaner so your welcome

    9. Killer Queen

      kinda wondering if a sign shop / any kind of online image or ad provider??? is just ripping off your thumbnails and advertising it as stock???????

    10. Kharli Brooks-Mayeux

      Is it just me or is the intro like so satisfying

    11. Gen St

      Argentina lol

    12. domefun

      Petition for the subscribe button to turn green after pressing. 🙋

    13. Maddie L

      The jury has spoken. We declare them GUILTY

    14. love_cookiecat

      Who else noticed..... No? Ok just look at her trashcan. Now you see it!

    15. Kate Katic

      “I can’t read Spanish” Babe, That’s Brazilian :(

    16. Mell Fagundes

      6:17 That would be portuguese,

    17. Mell Fagundes

      Eu vi a "nova febre entre as gringas" ali no começoKKKKKKKKKKKK

    18. kayla fan SkitZ

      I'm pretty sure when she moved on after the silver Chrome nail polish part it shows those pink nails and I swear I just watch the same clip

    19. obscvritas

      I used to work for a clinic that did some esthetician stuff and one of the owners did like skin tag, mole and dark spot removal. She was working with a marketing company to make a flyer or something. I remember overhearing the marketing guy asking if she had any client images she could send him for the before and after photos and she just told him to google for some. Luckily, he refused. It's just kind of bizarre 'cause this was a real clinic and she did have real clients, but I think the treatment (probs the dark spot removal) isn't as effective and she wanted to skirt around the truth with marketing. It's really shady and I'm so glad I'm gone from there. I try to support small local businesses but between that and all the other shitty things going on, I hope they went under since I left.

    20. Yuri&Angel Moreno

      Simply nailogical:”I can’t read Spanish” Me:”That’s not in Spanish”

    21. Yuri&Angel Moreno

      Gringa means white girl

    22. Dakota Salinas

      Go to one of those salons!

    23. Dakota Salinas

      Skin just glowing!

    24. roZa 7

      7:30 العرب إلي يتابعون: هلو 👁👄👁؟!

    25. rauh kareem

      On minute 7:33 its selling the printer and saying that it is the latest device and you can use it from your phone and they used Christine picture just because she is holding it they don’t even mention her in the ad🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ I don’t know

    26. Kylee Stanton


    27. Corgi Idk

      Make a nail salon please. I will work for free.

    28. NIQ

      I'm very ashamed, my country (Brazil) is simply shit. about the word "gringa" we use it to refer to women (and "gringo" for men) who live in north america and europe, not just white and white. The "s" make the plural in word (Sorry for my bad inglish, i'm learning english watching english content, it's not as good as i wanted it to be LOL

    29. Danny Sexbang

      For the stores in real life they probably just fucking googled the terms and they came up rather quickly

    30. Phoebe Collins

      And the Jury has decided that they are GUILTY!!

    31. Alison Hinds

      They shouldn't be doing that without your permission

    32. Suha Kamal

      u should write ur watermark on ur hands so it will be harder to edit out :)

    33. Ruthanne Marie

      Haven’t seen Cristine in forever.... she went from nailogical to LAWgical

    34. crystal14w

      You work so hard to be creative and companies should respect that

    35. Allura Jane

      another thing that sellers do on instagram is use artist's drawings without their permission and not only is it wrong to steal art but also,, it doesn't make any sense to me? What does that drawing have to do with your product wth

    36. Rosa Uys

      I died when she said miscenaileous Those nails are messing with her head

    37. john taylor

      u should prob check wish . com prob like simply holo body pillow XD

    38. Felipe Navascues

      6:30 that's not Spanish. That's Portuguese. WAY different.

    39. Jaylee Agnew

      It means that google translate is fake and often butchers translations, also, that's Portuguese not Spanish

    40. Natália Carvalho

      Oh, no! My country using your face and nails, I'm Sorry 🤦🏾‍♀️ At least I got to see you trying to speak portuguese 🤣 And yes, "the new fever" means "the hottest trend" hahahaha About "gringos", basically everyone that doesn't live in Brazil is a "gringo"

    41. Roman Peynado

      Did she sue tho?

    42. Mencia Chabot

      aNd yOu kNoW i hAve eNouGh

    43. Slime Soccer

      Finally being from Egypt comes in handy! Well the Arabic ad says: " The latest nail art technology,it's a printer that that prints any picture you have on your phone on your nails in 35 seconds, exclusively in Algeria, click on the post to take you to the main page for this printer" tada

    44. Djenny Biersack

      It’s probably really really late to say that but the intro looks so much sexier with the holo taco polishes

    45. Diana Mary

      We all start out as assholes in the womb. Some of us don't grow out of that phase.

    46. Safi Draws

      That random ass add calling her a basic white girl sosbsjbeoams

    47. Ele Ractliffe

      SUE THEM

    48. Kawaii Polar

      I bet the holo polish some of them are selling isn't even real holo 😒

    49. April Richardson

      GIRL, YOU Really think they saw your thumbnail in a salon first off... secondly, you think it happened more than once?! hahah I cant. Where did reality go? Someone made that pic and lied to you!

    50. ismellmaple

      I'd just like to say, for me it works to keep people away from your content more if you have a complicated (?) image with the watermark so that people will give up or make the clipping out obvious >:)) Shit still gets stolen tho-

    51. Yüce Honos

      you should buy those products and make video about them vs original product


      I'm JuSt A sOcK!

    53. ExtraordinAri

      Girl that’s not Spanish. That’s portugués.

    54. Tolgahan Şahin

      Good thing the add was in Portuguese

    55. Caitlin Hellman

      I get this. About 10 years ago I had a nail blog and a post that blew up overnight. Now if you search nail sponge on ebay or wish you see my nails for every other picture. 🙈

      1. Monica Dominick

        The rainbow one lol

    56. Sam D'Agostino

      I love how it's trendy to use your thumbnails 🤣

    57. Leila Degner

      just vibing in 2021 rn

    58. Aliyah Stoddard

      Ok this is real plagiarism and it is really not ok to commit plagiarism you are literally stealing other peoples hard work and saying that it’s yours without giving credit

    59. XxGacha_ ChanxX

      14:35 I can't Lmao

    60. moonybun

      its portuguese no spanishhh

    61. Holo Sock


    62. Ruby Sings

      Tha hamma at the start

    63. Pollyana Silveira

      the brazilian ad nooooo

    64. Isabella Dangond

      It says “the new fever among gringas” jajajajaj, it’s Portuguese :v

    65. Dxnna Harry Potter.miraculos

      Gringa means how latins or Mexicans call white girls in like slang or somethin like that

    66. Selina Cervantes

      I also create non-face based content on IG and half the time when someone sends me “hey is this you? Someone stole your video without credit” i look at the video (which in fact is mine with a watermark) and I DONT RECOGNIZE MY OWN HANDS 😂 mine are pudgy and small and distinctive from other but STILL IM LIKE WHO DFQ hands IS THISSSSSS??? 😩😂 idk how u can tell your hands apart from others

    67. Isabel Lopez

      that is not spanish, eso no es español

    68. Leonor de Lancastre e Távora

      "a nova febre entre as gringas" i--

    69. Cinefilia Punct RO

      i bet i saw this HOJO brand too

    70. Depressed Avocado

      I really want for LegalEagle to react to this

    71. Spider Drake

      ive seen nail artists put it on their nail

    72. Joana Rodrigues


    73. Jiayi Li

      0:17 ...excuse me?? Don’t lie

    74. ¿Aimee?

      identity theft is the best form of flattery i guess... idk but thats not good.

    75. Tayizfrench

      The nail dip one seems extra weird in salons becuase it has a question mark like.. do you not know if you have nail dipping powders or not?

    76. Miz Tenacious T

      These thieves are just so LAZY!

    77. Justarandomvoiceactor

      you're not Simply Nailogical. You're Simply Courtlogical

    78. Gabriel Ryu

      This might be my favorite video from this channel lmao

    79. Celest

      In the thumbnail cristine looks so much like her sister 👁👄👁

    80. Crystal-maree Juillerat

      Christine I have your snap and I message u

    81. Rawan Moalla

      7:29 Its arabic and it says Last thing simply came up with is taking care of nails Using a machine that draws what ever you want Only in a (country that i dont want to say its name becaus .Respect)

    82. King Quince

      "That are not here today with us because, THÀY ARÈ SCAERED!"

    83. Irene López Romero

      That wasn't spanish 😭

    84. Toca Blueberry

      Christine"Wait it doesnt turn green it turns grey.....Eww why?"

    85. Reagan Durbano


    86. chris nagle

      Holo things she has not tried: Holo hair dye Holo eye contacts Holo bedsheets Holo resin art Holo campfire lights Holo bath Holo huge bath bomb Holo wedding cake holo Food

    87. chris nagle

      Omg I just found u on my recommend and I missed you it’s been like 8 months

    88. Maggie Graepel

      My extremely social puppy was listening in on my video and was looking around my room to try to find you because she thought you were in my room to play with her xD

    89. Moderately Entertaining

      I remember seeing some of these on facebook and explained to ppl in the comments that the pics werent even of the company's actual product and they were probably cheap knockoffs anyway

    90. Hamda Aljowder

      The hammer is not Holo😣

    91. Jackie & Jordan Steele

      WAIT A NAIL OIL PEN?!?! I need this info.. do tell again... the real info this time lol

    92. Rainbow Harts


    93. Cristina Salazar


    94. Mollie Kaupa

      I actually saw your nails in a salon the other day

    95. Aressa Cunha

      6:18 it's portuguese

    96. seraphilight

      The posters look to me like someone is selling them to these salons and beauty stores... Just mass printed 'em, and maybe have a shop online. The stores might not even know it's yours.

    97. Samantha Bruce

      Where’s Ben?

    98. Queen

      Imagine some company using cristine's naked nails as the before picture for some anti yellow nail products lol

    99. toorf


    100. Theo

      1. that's portuguese, not spanish 2. gringa is not a derogatory word, is literally just how we refere to internacional people or even other countries.

      1. A. Mae

        I don't think its up to you to decide if gringa/gringo is derogatory. Personaly i think its derogatory to refer to someone by their skin colour. It doesn't make it any better if its socialy acceptable to do so.